Career Speaker Series

Introducing Students to Careers & Professionals

Following on the foundation of our Mentoring Program, the Peabody Education Foundation is proud to introduce a new Career Speaker Series at Peabody Veterans Memorial High School for the 2018 school year! Throughout the second semester, we will be inviting speakers in to talk about their chosen career and occupations. Invited speakers will present to the students on a day in their life at work, what they are responsible for, the skills needed for their job, any training they needed, the education needed and more.

Working together with PVMHS guidance, we aim to provide students with a learning experience that will help them choose their future career paths, reinforces the importance of a good education as well as encourage students to set goals. It is our belief that the more information students can have about a particular career, the better decisions they can make as to what is the right career fit for them.

February 27th, 2018

Period 3 + 4


For PVMHS Students:

Sign up with your guidance counselor and or Mrs. Marc-Aurele in the Guidance Center Room B385!

Career Topic #5

Do you Need a Job? Do you know how to get a  job? Do you need help getting job? Join us on February 27th, 2018 as The North Shore Youth Career Center talks to students on all things jobs.


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