What We Do

Support Teachers

Best Bet Program

Sponsors the funding of additional worthwhile materials and programs proposed by the schools’ teachers.

Partners in Education (PIE)

Provides new technology for classrooms.

Bring “Human Resources” into the Classroom


Exposes our students to their right to vote and the voting process by allowing them to participate in a mock election process.

Guest Reader Program

Invites business leaders, city officials, and local citizens to read quality children’s literature to elementary students.

Raise Money


Provides the much-needed revenue to support all of these activities. By establishing partnerships with Peabody’s business community and citizens, the foundation serves to increase excellence in public education.


Introduce Students to Career Opportunities

PVMHS Career Day

Encourages all PVMHS students to meet business representatives face to face.

Career Mentoring Program

Allows high school students to experience the environment of a real-life work day.