The Cara E. Murtagh Memorial Scholarship

The Cara E. Murtagh Memorial Scholarship is provided by our foundation as way to honor our dear friend Cara’s memory. On a yearly basis, we will be awarding a PVMHS senior with a $2,500 scholarship to help with their college education. Cara was an active member of our foundation where she spearheaded many of our programs and events. After Cara’s passing, the Murtagh family had generously asked that in lieu of flowers, donations be made to the Peabody Education Foundation. Donations and messages came in from across the country attesting to the love and admiration so many shared for her. Through this scholarship, we hope to preserve Cara’s dedication and commitment to the education of the school children of Peabody for years to come.

Congratulations to Kassidy Butt!

We are honored to announce Kassidy Butt as the first recipient of the Cara E. Murtagh Memorial Scholarship. Kassidy was selected based upon accomplishments in the areas of academics, leadership and community service. Her proven interest in a career within the education field was seen through community service acts such as volunteering as a teachers aid in preschool classrooms as well as her academic studies of Early Childhood Education. This Fall, Kassidy will be will be studying Elementary Education.

This scholarship was established to honor Cara’s memory, her dedication and commitment to education, and her love for the school children of Peabody.  Cara will always be remembered for her kind and loving personality, her enthusiasm and flawless attention to detail, and ability to develop strong relationships with students, teachers and administrators. Kassidy Butt possesses the same passion for education and will clearly follow the career path she has chosen.   She will be a strong advocate for all children and will impart the importance of a good education on every child she encounters.

We wish Kassidy and the entire class of 2020 the best of luck as they begin their college careers!

“Dream Big, Never Give Up, Do Your Best, Set a Good Example and Have a Generous Heart.”


The Cara E. Murtagh Memorial Scholarship will be awarded to a PVMHS Senior who:

Is interested in the field of Education

Is engaged in the community

Possesses a strong work ethic

Has achieved good academic standing

Demonstrates excellent preparation & organizational skills

Is self-motivated

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